Author, Jack Barr & The Book Failing At Fatherhood

Bio: Jack Barr, Author and winner of a "Mom's Choice Award" for his break out book titled; "Failing at Fatherhood, a book for the imperfect father" is now available on Amazon Books and Barnes & Noble. He shares his story of how he handles the news of his beautiful 3 day old baby, Marley and the diagnosis of Down Syndrome. A touching story readers will never forget. Jack and Jana Barr are missionaries in Bangkok, Thailand. For the past nine years they have served God by teaching at the International Community School in Bangkok, Thailand. Three years ago, Jack and Jana did not know God would use their daughter Marley, to forever alter their life plan. Marley was born with Down syndrome and that event sent Jack crashing into a sea of depression. “I could not overcome the question of, Why us God”? Since that day, Jack and Jana have rerouted their plan to align with God’s plan. They started, "If They Had A Voice", http://iftheyhadavoice.org an awareness campaign that focuses on Down syndrome abortions. Their story has been featured on CNN, CNN Mexico, Life Action News, and The Insight Channel. Jack has now wrote his first book, Failing at Fatherhood, which has been endorsed by Bob Russell, S.A. Bodeen, and Woodroll Kroll. Jack, Jana, and Marley had a simple plan for their future, but God has forced them to trust in HIS plan. Learn more of their journey through this fantastic book, and now a recent "Mom's Choice Book Award Winner of Adult Books. . .

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  1. Jack, Greetings! My brother Stephen has Autism. He’s 53 about to be 54 in May but he has gone way beyond the expectations of what the doctors said about him in 1963. When you get a chance please read my blogs about Stephen.

    You also might want to read about actor Chris Burke ~ Christopher Joseph “Chris” Burke (born August 26, 1965) is a American actor and folk singer who has Down syndrome. He has become best known for his character Charles “Corky” Thacher on the television series Life Goes On. (Wikipedia)




    Thanks and be Blessed!!

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